Opening Sentinel-1 data with array-sentinel

Xarray-sentinel: Open source library to easily explore and access the Sentinel data products

Project reference period: 2021 -­ on going
Open Source (sponsored by B-Open)

Project Description

The aim of xarray-sentinel is to enable interferometric processing of Sentinel-1 SAR IW and SM images with Xarray and Dask and provide support for other Sentinel products in the longer term.

The development is sponsored by B-Open and led by our own Aureliana Barghini with help from Corrado Avolio and Alessandro Amici.

The latest developpements and releases can be followed through the GitHub repository: 

The current release is Alpha but maturing very rapidly.

Current features are:

* supports Sentinel-1 IW and EW SLC products
* returns orbit, attitude and GCPs metadata
* installs with `pip install xarray-sentinel`
* full dask support
* will integrate with xarray 0.18+ adding `engine=”sentinel-1″`

The future development roadmap includes:

* Sentinel-1: support for all flavours of Level-1 products
* Sentinel-2: support for Level-1 and 2 products
* access to advanced metadata for calibration, deramp, etc.
* conda package

B-Open’s Role

B-Open is developing, maintaining and sponsoring at 100% the development of the xarray-sentinel library.