EUMETSAT Data Tailor: EUMETSAT satellite products tailored to your needs

Project reference period: 2017 -­ on going
Customer: EUMETSAT

Project Description

The EUMETSAT Data Tailor is an Open Source tool to customise a growing list of EUMETSAT meteorological products and convert them to popular GIS formats.

It currently supports approx. 30 input products/formats, and allows to aggregate, select specific channels, reproject, extract a ROI, resample and convert them to several output formats. A quicklook of the output can be requested as weel.

Users can choose their interface of choice to use the Data Tailor and integrate it in their workflows: a Webapp (pictured), a REST API, a CLI or a Python API.

The Data Tailor has been one of the first major EUMETSAT products to be released as Open Source, with an Apache2 license.

And here is a short and effective video introduction (although of an older version) by Daniel Lee, EUMETSAT Project Manager.

B-Open’s Role

B-Open is EUMETSAT’s technological partner for  the development of the Data Tailor since the beginning.
We have put our knowledge of scientific Open Source projects such as GDAL, xarray, numpy to use to design a solution which  is flexible and performant.
Of course, with Python as the language of choice!