Scientific software engineer – Mid-Senior

As a Scientific software engineer at B-Open you will develop software and in particular design algorithms and data processing pipelines for international agencies and private corporations monitoring the environment from space.

You will join a fast growing company and a team that uniquely combines a strong research-oriented attitude with a solid industrial approach. You will become an expert in cutting-edge Open Source technologies and will contribute to them.

If you are passionate about developing software and science in an international environment, if your aim is to have fun building stuff that works, and if you like the possibility of doing it 100% from home, B-Open is the right company for you.

Your responsibilities

    • Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve scientific software.
    • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables.

Minimum qualifications

    • Bachelor in computer science or Master of Science in engineering, physics, mathematics or similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experience.
    • 3 years of working experience developing geospatial, scientific or engineering software.
    • Verbal and written English proficiency and good communication skills.

Preferred qualifications

Demonstrable working experience in the following technologies / best practices, the more the better.

Software development

    1. Programming languages: Python 3.8+
    2. Python installation tooling: Pip, Conda
    3. Software testing: Pytest (unit testing), (code coverage), Black (coding style), Mypy (type check)
    4. Continuous integration: GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, pre-commit

Scientific computing

    1. Scientific stack: Numpy, Pandas, Xarray, Dask, Dask.distributed, Scipy
    2. Geospatial stack: GDAL / OGR, rasterio, QGIS
    3. Scientific visualisation: Jupyter notebook, Matplotlib, Plotly

Scientific expertise

    1. Meteorological satellite data formats: netCDF, HDF5, GRIB, BUFR
    2. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite data formats: Sentinel-1 / SAFE
    3. Satellite orbit & kinematics

Collaboration tools

    1. Software project management: GitHub, GitLab, JIRA
    2. Source control: Git
    3. Documentation: reStructuredText, MarkDown, Sphinx / MyST

Contract matters

    • Nationalities: all European Union member states (Unfortunately we are unable to offer VISA sponsorship for non-EU citizens)
    • Office location: fully remote or Rome, Italy
    • Employment Type: Full-time with Italian contract (tempo indeterminato CCNL commercio)
    • Seniority level: mid-senior
    • Compensation package range: €36k – €41k

Great work, you’ve made it this far! Does that sound like an interesting challenge?