Göktürk: Data simulator for space-­borne multi­spectral sensor

Project reference period: 2013 on going
Founded by: Turkish National Security Regulations, as eGEOS’s supply.


The simulator front­end relies on Javascript (OpenLayers), Xquery and ExtJS. The back­end uses modules and services written in Python (together with GDAL libraries and Pyramid framework) and interacts with a geographical extended database management system (PostgreSQL together with PostGIS extensions). Most of back­end communications relies on JSON. Geographical data is provided by Geoserver.

B-Open’s Role

B-­Open has been taking care of the design, the development, the assembly, the integration, the testing phase and the production of an image simulator for the multi­spectral sensor installed on Göktürk satellite (Turkish Ministry of Defence). The project has been carried on following a tailoring of ECSS and MIL­STD­498 standards.