COSMO­ SkyMed Second Generation Phases B and C

Project reference period: 2011 on going
Founded by: Italian Space Agency –

Project Description

COSMO­SkyMed Second Generation (CSG) is a SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) constellation which will continue the previous mission COSMO­SkyMed (CSK) improving its operational performances.

B-Open’s Role

In the second (B) phase B­Open activities have been focused on three Sub­System (S/S) of the COSMO Second Generation (CSG) User Ground Segment (UGS). The S/S are the non­standard processors:

• Speckle Processor Filter (SPF)
• Mosaicing Processor (MOS)
• Interferometric Processor (INT)

The main objective has been to verify and update the algorithms used in the SPF and MOS COSMO­ SkyMed processors to the CSG platform and acquisition modes, and to study and develop the algorithms for a new INT processor.

In the context of the Phase C, B­Open activities have involved the detailed design and prototype implementation for the Speckle Filter and Mosaicing Processors.