CDS Toolbox

Project reference period: 2016­ – on going
Customer: Copernicus Climate Change Service implemented by ECMWF on behalf of the European Commission.

Project Description

The CDS Toolbox is a key component of the Copernicus Climate Data Store, enabling users to access CDS data and build their own web-based applications, such as the one on our site.

The Toolbox enables users to analyse, monitor and predict changes in climate drivers and calculate their impact on business sectors such as energy, water management, transport or tourism.

And they really did!  The Toolbox is in production since 2018, and several C3S Sectorial Information Systems projects have leveraged the Toolbox to provide service on a global or European scale, such as the “Climate projections of Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) survival suitability for Europe” or the “Projections of sailing limits for different ice-class vessels” (also a project we have contributed to).

The Climate Data Store as well as the Toolbox are freely available at Feel free to dive into this wealth of information and explore its capabilities!

B-Open’s Role

B-Open has designed, developed and deployed the CDS Toolbox, with CNR-ISAC as the scientific partner.
We are now responsible for the maintenance of the whole Climate Data Store, coordinating and integrating the work of 5 other international partners to improve performance, usability, user experience, documentation, expand the functionalies and squash the inevitable bugs.